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Can a Ink Cartridge explode in your printer?

Here at Ink & Toner Solutions we hear this all the time, my ink jet exploded in my printer and there’s ink all over the place! Can an ink jet “explode in a printer”? The simple answer is No, period. It’s just not possible. Lets start with the way a print head cartridge is built.

A print head cartridges simply means that the print head or that part of the ink jet cartridge that actually depostits the ink on to the paper is attached to the  cartridge. There is another type of ink jet printer where the print head is part of the printer not the cartridge itself but this is for another post entirely. So let’s take the print head style cartridge. Most of them have a sponge inside to hold the ink, there are a few that have a foil bag inside that holds the ink like the HP #15 and #45 black ink cartridges. None of these cartridges have any kind of internal pressure that would cause them to “explode”.

So how does ink “leak out” of the cartridge? Lets first start with the guy that doesn’t know what he is doing and attempts to refill one of these. He may go on line, buy a universal ink because it’s the best price around, finds some really cool instuctions on line and goes ahead and starts filling. Takes out the needle that came with the ink refilling kit and pumps in enough ink to kill a horse, ink spills out the top, he wipes it up and figures he’s good to go. Now if that universal ink does not have the right viscosty for the cartridge he is filling, well it might very well leak out the print head because it’s to thin. Explode? No, but you will get ink all over the place. If the ink is to thick, no ink will come out and you have the opposite problem, you don’t get ink leaking all over the place, you just don’t get any ink at all, on the paper or any where else.

The last thing that could happen if you see ink leaking out of your printer is that many manufactures put this little sponge at the bottom of the printer that sits under where the ink jet cartridges park them self’s in the position where you can take them out. Have you ever heard your printer making all these cute little nosies and you wonder what it’s doing? Well one of the things it’s doing is running a small mechnism under the ink jets that have rubber pads attached to it that wipes any excess ink off the bottome of the print head. Where do you think that excess ink goes? Yup, drips down onto that sponge set in the bottom of the printer. I have seen these sponges get so loaded with ink that after a while it actually spills out through the seams in the printer. This video clip will clearly show what I’m talking about. Of course when this happens and the person is using remanufactued ink jets they blame the after market product, when in fact this has nothing to do with the cartridge but rather with the design of the printer and happens using the original or the remanufactured brand.

It’s like any other product, buy a well made product that has been manufactured under stringent controls, tested to make sure it works the way it should and you won’t have any problems. Buy from a reputable dealer that stands behind what they sell and you will be fine. Have your brother or Uncle fill your ink jets for you because he found this really cool refill kit and tells you he can refill your cartridges for next to nothing, expect problems.

Check out Ink & Toner Solutions in Northampton, Ma and see what quality really is and give us a call, we love to answer your questions about ink jets and toners.

Do you have a story about buying some really cheap ink or refill kit on line that turned out to be less than perfect? Share it with us.

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What is the Quality of refilled Ink and Toner Cartridges?

Is the quality of the remanufactured ink and toner printer cartridges being sold out there as good as the OEM (original equipment manufactures) cartridges? That’s kind of like asking if the quality of aftermarket automobile parts are as good as the OEM part. The answer in both cases is it really depends on the manufacturing process’ and the quality control of the remanufacturer to produce a product that meets the quality of the original part. All remanufactured products are not created equal. Continue reading

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Customer Service Lesson

Has bad customer service left you burned up?

Picture this, I walk in to a car dealership one day to look around and see if there’s a car on the lot that might interest me. Standing there looking around and here comes the sales associate that will be working with me.  He asks me how I’m doing and we do the normal small talk for a few minutes and then I’m asked what I’m looking for. He seems very nice and say’s he believes he has a model that will be perfect for me. He walk’s me over to where the car is. It looks real nice, right color, right model and the price seems to be just about what I think I can afford. He proceeds to tell me what’s under the hood and the options the car comes with. You won’t believe what happens next! Continue reading

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Three weeks to ship me a new ink jet?

Ink & Toner Solutions is in the business of selling eco-friendly remanufactured ink and toner cartridges in Northampton, Ma. We have been doing it now for 7 years and we have a very easy to under stand return policy. Our ink & toner products carry a one year warranty  from date of purchase. Your cartridge is defective, we replace it, bought the wrong cartridge, we trade it for the right one, the cartridge you bought for the printer you had just died, bring it in, we will either give you store credit or refund the cost of the cartridge. No gimmicks, no small print, no hidden cost, 12 month warranty, period. Now lets look at typical on-line return policy’s. Continue reading

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I’ve been in the printer cartridge business now since 2004 and have had the opportunity to witness many changes not the least being the quality of re manufactured ink & toner cartridges. From the day of individuals filling in their basement with no quality control to the present where large business’s using the latest equipment and quality control methods are putting out superb products. So how is one to know what is a quality printer cartridge and which are junk. Continue reading

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Salespeople Etiquette!

There are a few things to get straight about my job: I love sales but not selling and I really hate salespeople. I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman at an expo tabletop event hosted by a local chamber, whose type you might have already met. He coiled and attacked the second I gave my friendly hello (I was tired and read to just meet fellow businesses, not be sold.) Not a good start. He had on a full suit and in 30 seconds told me about every disease and industry report to back up his holistic product claim- of which there were at least 25 to listen to…I was drowning and he was bombing. The only was I could escape- and at this point it was considered escape- was to grab his card and say “Thanks I’ll check out your website.” Continue reading

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